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We are very excited to announce that our VoxECall Center product now has the addition of the QueueMetrics System. The perfect virtual call center is here. Measure targets, conversion rates and all agents activities. Create accurate real time and historical reports and statistics. Call us for more info.

Hosted VOIP Business Phone Service

Exabar Telecom offers business phone service and system solutions for small to medium businesses as well as call centers. Our VoxECall hosted VOIP Phone System provides all the features that you would expect in fortune 500 company phone systems at a fraction of the cost. Exabar Telecom cloud based VOIP solutions provide the highest quality service at the lowest prices.  From hosted VoIP phone service to hosted contact and call centers, our services are easy to use, incredibly advanced and less expensive than traditional solutions.

Customers typically save up to 90% off the startup costs of traditional phone systems and up to 50% off monthly phone bills by utilizing VoIP services offered by Exabar Telecom.

We deliver our phone services and features right over your Internet connection. Your business can sound and operate like one office or multiple offices across the country. All your locations, home workers, and mobile workers are connected to your own VoxECall hosted VOIP Phone System.

Exabar Telecom helps your business with telecom and unified communication needs. Call us or fill out our information request form today!

Exabar Telecom VoxECall Phone Systems
Big Business Phone Service Features at a Fraction of the Cost! 

Great Business communication starts with a great phone system. See how Exabar Telecom can help your Business.

  • Our systems are fully supported by our outstanding and superb customer support team.
  • Our products are fully scalable so your company will never outgrow our phone systems.
  • Our phones are plug and play ready, so customers never need to worry about installation.